Solid wooden system - Processus de construction
Processus de construction

Processus de construction

The combination of several techniques (solid wood beams, efficient insulation and a ventilation) contributes to building attractive homes.

Tight 6-month deadline

Mi Casa constructions are built in a very short time. A strict planning, a good coordination and a continuous follow-up are the keys for a total 6-month construction deadline starting from the foundations digging until the keys handing over. At Mi Casa, a file is opened as soon as the Convention is signed so that assembling can be immediately scheduled. Production and works can start as soon as the issues of construction permits and funding guarantee are solved. Then a Mi Casa house can be built on a concrete screed which is completely dry. From then on, the floor can be quickly installed and the painting works can start after the acceptance of the building. In this way, you can enjoy your house very rapidly.