Solid wooden system - Low-energy house
Low-energy house

Low-energy house

Wood is a natural and beautiful product, and the innovative use of the wood results in a low-energy house.

Techniques d’isolation adéquates

A perfect insulation is provided by the combination of wood insulating power with the new insulation techniques given by the new laminated beams. Since laminated beams do not work vertically anymore, it is therefore possible to work with rigidi insulation boards which have a better insulating power and a better wind resistance and airtightness. The energy performance of a Mi Casa house is E30 (and it has become a standard) thanks to a detailed study of the most recent insulating materials for roof, floor and hollow space on one hand and thanks to a price comparison based on the insulating power of these materials and the cost of their placement on the other hand, combined with the recent automation of the production of our wall beams. 

In addition to a solid wood structure, there is a double layer of insulation on the outer sides, that is 2 x 7 cm Recticel. The first layer is located between the multiple reinforcements and the airtight window frames. The second layer forms the final phase of a perfect insulation envelope all around the house.
Floors and roof also are very well insulated because our products are unbeatable in terms of insulation. 100mm of polyurethane are injected at ground level on top of the concrete foundation in order to ensure a perfect insulation of the cavities thanks to an improvement of the first beam on the ground floor. 
220 mm of recycled cellulose is blown in the roof and thanks to this great mass, an excellent thermal comfort is ensured, both in winter and in summer.

A budget for Solar panels is always included in the price quote.

The energy efficiency level and the K-values of a house are not only defined by the level of insulation. These values also depend, to a certain extent, on the following features : plan of the house, orientation, ventilation techniques, heating system,…
Deviations from the standard remain possible but there is always a careful study made previously. A preliminary calculation of the Energy Performance Certificate is always realised.

In addition to specifications including ventilation (D system), insulation (see above) and heating (heat pump) there is another budget dedicated to solar panels. In this way, you can be ensured to have a low energy house and this is possible even if the plan or the orientation are less favourable with regards to the Energy Performance calculation.

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Blower test

Mi Casa is convinced of the quality provided by insulation and by wind resistance. That is why, since 2013, Mi Casa has been offering a standard blower test during implementation. Minor imperfections can still be amended during the shell construction. These results contribute to a significant decrease of the E level.

The EPC level does not give the whole picture

Even if the energy efficiency level is very good and the K values excellent, it is necessary to take something else into account. The comfort feeling you get once you live in a Mi Casa home is also very valuable. A solid wood frame home always gives a feeling of heat in winter. The heating system will be turned off in spring and Autumn. And in summer, since the house stays very cool, air conditioning becomes obsolete.

That’s why Mi Casa homes are even more energy efficient than traditional homes with comparable EPC levels.