International - Concept

Franchising - concept

Year after year we notice increasing demand for Mi Casa homes outside of Belgium. So we started the idea of the franchising-concept.

Franchising - concept
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The concept

Year after year we see an increase in demands for Mi Casa houses outside of Belgium. Although we welcome this trend, we unfortunately cannot meet every one’s desire to build their Mi Casa home in their country of choice.

One of the reasons is that we believe very strongly in our philosophy that we want each and every customer to be satisfied with their personalized home. This demands a very high level of quality which can only be provided with stringent rules and quality control within the company. Therefore, we maximised our yearly output to 35 personalised homes, tailor made from beginning till end.

Another reason is that we limit ourselves to build houses which are approximately max 130 km away from our factory. This to allow us to control the costs of transport and local accommodations. Also…beyond this distance it is very hard to provide excellent quality in the service that is often needed after the house is occupied.

Therefore, we are actively looking for local partnerships. Someone who has a well-established experience in the construction business and who is willing to pass along our philosophy that we want every customer to be happy and satisfied with their personalised new home.  We would like you to share our passion and make it a shared one.

This collaboration should allow us to become stronger together by combining our and your special qualities. 

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Our ultimate goal: is that, whether it be in the south of Spain or the North of Finland, every customer can cherish a Mi casa home giving them the guarantee of quality, service and after-sales service.

A house is made, not bought.  The goal of this project together is to share our passion of wooden homes with you and to combine our strengths with yours. This should allow us to create a dream house for every Mi Casa customer.

Although being franchisee, you will be independent and manage your own crew for building and finishing these houses. Don’t forget you are not alone: neither from a technical nor commercial point of view. Our special look, our decoration skills, the concept…. let’s combine these in “The Mi Casa spirit”, it needs to be well kept.

By consulting one another, agreements are made to make sure that every customer gets an equal guidance and support. Making sure we have identical specifications will help us achieving this goal.

Feeling ambitious to start building a Mi casa home for your customer? Ready to go all the way for building that special dream house? Wanting to share our passion?

Then please get in contact with our franchising department :

We will mail you a brochure and we will explain how we see a possible collaboration. Afterwards, we can meet in person, it being the first step in building a Mi Casa house in your region.