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The 4 assets of Mi Casa

The Mi Casa-feeling, our technical assistence, financial security and commercial assistence.

The 4 assets of Mi Casa
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The Mi Casa feeling:

A Mi Casa house is all about charm and comfort. We are characterised by typical architectural features such as porches and impressive staircases but even without these our houses remain very distinctive by a warm feeling and healthy atmosphere. In every project it is our goal to fulfil the new owners’ personal wishes. We offer excellent after sales service so that our customers stay connected to us and re-welcome us many years after.

A well-recognised product with an excellent reputation. 

​The Mi Casa technique:

A second important asset is the combination of a long experience in this specific field with a solid and well documented technique. Our technical support consists of three pillars: a well-established R&D department, the high quality of the products itself and the speed of our construction process. Let’s explain in more detail:

Mi casa houses are subject to a long evolution due to the continuous efforts in R&D. As recent as in 2010, we changed to a totally new concept. A true revolution in the business of massif wooden homes construction. The beams now exist out of three parts – laminated together- making them not sensitive any more to local packing of the wood.
Needless to say that endless benefits were obtained: no need any more of difficult engineering to predict the packing and to make the necessary precautions to avoid them but very important as well this new concept allows us to work with rigid insulation materials which have higher performances. In addition, this enables us to reach better values on windproofness.

A second benefit of our support is that we do not only use high quality materials at the basis but also during the whole building process until the very end. It all begins with the wood itself (Red Pine of the north) but it goes all the way to the high quality of the glue. On top of this, all the manufacturing is done in our own factory in Belgium. This allows  easier access to the quality control of every aspect of the numerous processes which are carried out.

A long tradition in the concept of massif wooden homes has led us to an easy technique of execution. No matter the size or complexity of the project, the essential technique of assembling stays the same. This is especially important when thinking about international partners so that they can easily ride along.

Needless to say that the speed of our construction process is a very valuable asset as well, especially from a commercial point of view. It typically takes only 5 months between the day of putting the first wooden beam down and the hand-over of the keys of the house to the owners. The fabrication of the wooden kit can even go faster as the preparation and the execution of the foundations.
As the whole construction project, with exception of the drying of the concrete floors, is a dry process, the finishing materials – even the wooden floors- can be put in a lot faster. Also no need to wait to start painting the house. Obviously this 5-month timeframe can only be achieved by an excellent coordination and organisation.  Well-kept timelines, a uniform book of charges (specifications) and several checklists allow a fluid continuation of the project.
All very useful tools for you which will make the whole process easier to manage and coordinate.

With all the help of our R&D, our quality label and the speed of construction, we will keep supporting you. Concretely, three mi Casa employees will be made available, free of charge, and this during the first three to five projects. They will guide you through all the technical issues and teach you the necessary know how. After this you will probably be able to continue with only one for the months to come. After a while, we anticipate this to be after ten to fifteen projects, you will be totally capable yourself to manage the construction of the wooden structure.
Obviously you will also be able to hire our expertise on a need-to-know basis for more complex architectural projects for example.

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Your financial security

A lot of dreams are made but often the financial aspect of a totally new organization, make few dreams come true. The Mi Casa product, being a solid and proven technique, in combination with the technical support, will help you diminish your financial risk.

Not unimportant, the cost of the Mi Casa wooden structure is perfectly known upfront, it being calculated by our manufacturing engineers. No risk is needed from your side to invest in the expensive machinery and in the manpower to engineer and operate the processes. So no financial risk is taken as the cost is known upfront. Transport cost can be minimised by loading the full house into as less semitrailers as needed, on average this being three units.

With the franchising aspect of the business, you eliminate the cost of having your own manufactory, engineering department, R&D facilities and marketing tools. If business is going well, a show house will be opportune. It will help you tremendously in convincing your customers of all the benefits of a wooden home. It can be your own private home as well. Actually, all of our commercial representatives in Belgium, live in their own Mi Casa house, using it, when needed, to persuade that final customer. The resale value of that house will be high, as we know from our own experience …. the name Mi Casa often being used as an added value for a house “for sale”.

Commercial Support

Another not unimportant asset is the existing publicity in different formats on top of the exclusivity that we offer. We do realize that marketing and publicity is an underestimated cost for a starting enterprise. Therefore, these existing tools will be made available to you.

Mi Casa recently created a brand new website in which we can mention our exclusiveness with you as a franchisee and expose the web site visitors to your name and level of expertise. 
Within time we will give you the opportunity to manage your own website upon the same structure as ours. To help future customers prepare planning their home and helping them in their choices we created a “Customer Site”.  We will give you access to our copy so that you can adapt and adjust according to your way of functioning and your organisation.

Not only the digital world of marketing is important but also the printed one. We will provide you – free of charge- our very nice looking brochures and – at cost – our printed books.
We would like to point out that attending specialty property fairs will have a positive impact on your sales numbers. To enable you to do this you can use – free of charge- the exclusive Mi Casa booth especially built for these purposes.
On top of this, you can freely make use of our show houses.

From a commercial point of view, the exclusivity is obviously very important. Mi casa will give you this exclusive business for part of your country (your region) once you have proven that a predetermined turnover is achieved. Being the franchisee in the region where the prospect is living, will give you right to the exclusive sales in that region and a commission on these numbers. If you are franchisee in the region where the customer is building but was not living, you will get exclusive rights in terms of the preparation of the project, the contract and the execution of all work being done.

As two are definitely stronger than one, we also expect that you share your assets with us!