International - Your assets

Your assets

Commercial and administrative knowledge in combination with your tools in construction.

Your assets

Your administrative knowledge

Being our future franchisee we expect you to possess several assets which will allow our international customers to construct the Mi Casa home of their dreams.

We expect you to be up to date on all local regulations regarding the construction of a private building and with the administrative issues that come along. You are competent with respect to the urban rules and apply them correctly.
It is necessary to be registered as an official contractor for that region. We welcome your knowledge of the local architects and their willingness to work together.

A Mi casa home is built taking into account and respecting all the desires and wishes of the customer. We would like you to be familiar with the local tastes, keeping in mind obviously, the well-known Mi Casa spirit and specialty features. You should be very customer oriented and respect the use of long lasting and high quality materials, leading and nourishing your customer to his final product…. his home!

You should think long-term by providing, not only during the guarantee period, but even beyond, an excellent after-sales service and follow-up. We want our customers to be confident that they will have someone to rely on lifelong.

Your solid knowledge in the construction business

From a technical point of view, due to the laminated beams, a specialised knowledge of the wooden construction is no longer necessary. We do expect you though, to have a solid knowledge in the construction business. For the assembling of our wooden structure and also for establishing the termination of it, a significant crew is necessary. In addition, a minimum of equipment will need to be acquired. You can find an overview of this cost in the attachment.

You have to realize that a certain time will pass prior to realising your first sales of a Mi Casa home in your region. When interest is growing it will seem indispensable to invest in your own show house. Being motivated to pursue this great opportunity as our franchisee, we do not expect to encounter problems in that respect. We will walk along together. The combination of your and our assets will make a dream come true.