Micasa - Our company philosophy
Our company philosophy: warranty for the future

Our company philosophy: warranty for the future

Mi Casa has become a trademark which stands for beautiful architecture with a vision for quality and customer service.

Small-scale basis

Managers are supported by a dynamic and competent team. This way of working ensures that in the coming years, Mi Casa will continue to offer a quality product adapted to the latest technological evolutions.
Mi Casa is anxious to build a dream house for every customer. From then on, priority shall be given to a highest quality, for a highly personalised service and for a professional approach. In order to preserve this philosophy, Mi Casa remains voluntarily a relatively small company in Belgium. The number of our turnkey homes is then voluntarily limited to 35 per year.

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The company structure of Mi Casa is clear, without long and complex decision-making. As soon as the customer has his building permit, he is guided and assisted throughout the construction by his project manager. You are supposed to receive a personalised treatment which is appropriate to you, the building contractor. In coordination with managers, your project manager takes care of the planning, construction follow-up, controls until the provisional acceptance. This approach allows to take the good decisions at the right time and also allows the construction process to work perfectly. Total satisfaction of the customer remains the main objective of the construction process.

Regarding manufacturing, assembly and finishes, Mi Casa can rely on his own staff for every work with wood. A broad team of subcontractors is responsible for the other works. These entrepreneurs are specialists in specific techniques of solid wood construction and are perfectly competent. Consequently a quality implementation is always ensured. Mi Casa has also a team of joiners and cabinet-makers. You, as every customer, are invited to visist our show house where numerous models of Mi Casa furniture can be a source of inspiration. Our consultants in decoration will finalise for you a project which will be completely adapted to your needs. The complete management of implementation and the high degree of automation allows Mi Casa to strictly respect the budget and the fixed terms

A free after-sales service

The persistence of small problems in a house is extremely annoying. Thanks to our permanent assistance until the reception and thanks to our after-sales service, these inconveniences are completely absent. From the signature of the contract, Mi Casa certifies in writing a free after-sales service during two years, from the moment of the handing-over of the keys. And if later, an intervention still turns out to be necessary, we assure it free of charge – under the condition, of course, that it is not due to a defective maintenance from you.

Fair specifications which correspond to the final choice of our clients, in 95% of cases.

Mi Casa can boast to have a non-aggressive and fair commercial policy. In many construction firms, the seller disappears after the signature of the construction contract and this happens even if the purchase has been based on a trustful relationship. The tasks of your Mi Casa consultant go well beyond the signature of the contract ; only then does significant work really start. The consultant is and remains the best reliable person.  In cooperation with the Executive Director or with the architect, he also provides you with expert advice during the phase of preliminary project. His role comes to an end only when the final choice of materials has been made. Your file is then transferred into the hands of your project manager.

The selling price of our houses is calculated on the basis of extremely exhaustive, detailed and clear specifications. In this respect, we have decided upon a standard for high quality materials, which corresponds to 95% of the choices of our clients.
During the choice of materials, our customer is always positively surprised and so does not need to compare with other prices. The price structure is honest and correct and Mi Casa discuss openly this aspect with every customer. And if the client suggests rolling up his sleeves, Mi Casa will be pleased to accept the initiative. In this case, the selling price will be decreased of an amount equivalent to the contribution of the client.

Needless to say that all the compulsory services such as the safety coordinator as well as the services associated to the safety, the EPC certificate and all the controls are directly included in the estimate.

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Excellent value for money

Mi Casa is a construction company which has a strict cost control, due to the daily implication of his managers involved in a collaborative work and in the cost control of the operations. Then Mi Casa can build high quality houses with a luxurious finish which remain perfectly competitive on the current market. This is clearly testified by independent studies in the specialised press. In particular with the arrival in 2013 of Thibo Lidou (founder Jean-Luc’s son), the operational functioning of the company processes was optimalised at every level. In cooperation with all the collaborators (from employees through workers to subcontractors and suppliers), the processes of improvement remain unstoppable. This situation allows Mi Casa to be able to maintain their selling price and thus to optimalise their value for money

A beautiful architecture, a warm interior

Mi Casa does not only build houses with a characteristic architecture but we also wish to create a warm, friendly and timeless interior. You will find beautiful examples in the book of Mi Casa.
Mi Casa designs houses in agreement with the wishes and the budget of the potential builder and also closely listens to customers accompanied by their architect and/or interior designer

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A complete reference list: our greatest asset

Mi Casa does everything in its power to satisfy customers. This can be ensured by a permanent follow-up of the construction site by the project leader and by managers as well as a perfect after-sales service. Of course, problems may occur during the construction process but we can guarantee a satisfactory solution to our building contractor.
If you wish to build a house, you have to choose a partner and it is not an easy task. As a customer you have dozens of questions and you experience many doubts. You feel overwhelmed by information and nevertheless, you feel badly informed or misled. And if you still fear a hollow advertisement instead of some objective information, do not hesitate to ask for our reference list. You can read the experiences of all our customers, without exception : testimonies on the various aspects of a Mi Casa construction. On this site, you can also read the spontaneous reactions of our customers. We are not afraid of supplying a complete list of customers because we do everything to satisfy our customers.


In Belgium Mi casa has all legal recordings, approvals and insurances and supplies the building contractor with all legal guarantees. Furthermore, after the signature of the contract, Mi Casa offers you the written guarantee of a free after-sales service during two years after the handing-over of the keys.
In order to give the customer the best financial guarantees, Mi Casa divides the total sale price in seven payments. You pay only when works have been done and when materials have been delivered. In other words you do not pay any advance for unfinished works.

The construction method of Mi Casa received technical approval  from several not commercial authorities of the construction sector. That is how Mi Casa received from BCCA (Belgian Construction Certification Association) a technical agreement for the ATG94/2033 building system . The construction system of Mi Casa – in particular the assembly of angles – was analysed to check its conformity with Belgian standards (STS and NBN) of the indivual housing construction. At any moment of the year, unexpectedly, we undergo SECO controls both in the factory and on construction sites.

The procedure for the European recognition was initiated in 2011 and in 2013, Mi Casa products were agreed according to the European standard ETA (European Technical Approval) under the number ETA 13/0284. This ETA replaces the ATG . Due to the several changes caused by the impulse given by Thibo in the building processes since 2013, a new approval was requested in mid-2016.The CE - label  "ETA 13/0284" iis obtained  in march 2017.

In France, the comprehensive insurance coverage allowing to build “turnkey” houses under CCMI (building contract for single-family houses) is difficult to obtain. And Mi Casa has good chance to get it in 2016 (?) as evidence by the quality of the building process and the financial strength of Mi Casa. (not yet received?? See ‘2016’ above).

Our fruitful exclusive builder in the Netherlands “Mi Casa Nederland” can offer his client the possibility to build his house with the Woningborg warranty. They are members of "Bouwen Nederland". They can thus guarantee the same quality and services as in Belgium.