Micasa - History
The history of Mi Casa

The history of Mi Casa

Mi Casa started in 1993 and became a ‘brand’ which stands for quality, service and beauty in the field of architecture and interior design.

 - Jean-Luc Lidou, industrial engineer, is starting as a manufacturing draftsman with Wolfgang Verraes.

 - Jean-Luc Lidou is settling down in Spain and becomes an associated partner in Wolfgang Verraes' local subsidiary.
 - In 1992, the Belgian head office is taken back due to financial difficulties and its name and permit are transferred.

1994: Mi Casa built his first house

 - Jean-Luc Lidou is running his own business. In order to keep the link with Spain, he chooses the name Mi Casa.

 - Mi Casa is launching the metallic dovetailed connection, a new method in solid wood construction useful to place wall beams made of solid wood.
 - A private house made of solid wood is built and serves as a show house.
 - Marc Noreillie becomes a co-shareholder and is responsible for production and construction follow-up.

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 - Mi Casa is moving into its first factory building in Waregem.
 - Mi Casa is building a solid wood house in the American New-England style. This style – which is very far from the classical Flemish fermette – is original, new and refreshing and has known a large and lasting success until today.

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The show house in Aalter en Izegem makes the final breaktrough of Mi Casa

 - A first show house in the American style is opening its doors in Aalter.
 - The plan of this house will be useful for dozens of houses based on the design of this show house.

Kwizegem10 Site2017

 - Jean-Luc Lidou builds a new house coloured in a surprising blue in Izegem. The house is soon known as “The Blue House” since it resembles somehow to the castle “Het Blauwhuis” of this city.
 - Just as the show house in Aalter, this realisation will also form the basis for many homes with a similar design.
 - The team of Mi Casa is designing a proper machine to produce semi-automatically solid wood wall beams

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 - A new two-storey show house (see picture above) is opening its doors in Knokke.

 - Mi Casa is transforming an old spinning mill into a new production unit. The production unit and the offices of Mi Casa are still located over there today.

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 - Mi Casa is bringing into service its first 5-axis CNC machine which allows a perfect cutting in the main beams.
 - The first Mi Casa book « Bouwen met hout » (« Building in wood ») is published by Lannoo

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2009: Mi Casa start his own furniture line " Colección "

 - Mi Casa is bringing its own furniture line « Colección » on the market, dedicated only to Mi Casa customers.
 - The « Blue House » in Izegem is transformed into a showroom for kitchens, walk-in closets, libraries, radiator cabinets, wood tailor-made tables,... Furniture is tailor-produced in our own carpentry

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2010 Same mission, new vision

 - Marc Noreillie leaves mi Casa. So he gives way to a generation who makes every effort to ensure the development of Mi Casa in the future. And since then, all these changes have become standards for the current Mi Casa customers
 - Lieven Demunster is taking over Marc's functions and becomes a co-shareholder

 - Mi Casa is proud to launch some highly innovative projects:
     - the new system of wood laminated beams
     - the new compliant insulation standards K:25, E:60
     - a new self-developed machine for the production of wall beams
     - development of the production process for the new laminated beam.

Micasa Nl034

 - Realisation of a residential area with nine houses in Waregem on the former production site
 - The second Mi Casa book “Tijloos bouwen met hout” is published by Standaard Editions.
 - Mi Casa finds the ideal partner in the Netherlands so that they can offer our neighbours of the North too the philosophy and the quality of Mi Casa. 

 - Expansion in France.
 - The ‘Blue House’ is sold in Izegem. Since the beginning of 2012, customers have been able       to appreciate Mi Casa Collección in the new show house located in the residential area of         Waregem.

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2013: The continuity of Mi Casa is ensured by the son, Thibo Lidou.

 - At the beginning of 2013, Lieven Demunster is leaving the company to be able to concentrate on his own staircase company. His responsibilities will then be taken back by the internal staff.
His shares are taken over by the main wood supplier of Mi Casa, what will ensure continuity and important know-how for the future.
 - In mid-2013, Thibo Lidou, who is the Executive Director Jean-Luc’s son, is graduated as a Commercial Engineer and is starting to work for the company. Until 2014, his job consists in reducing drastically the customers’ balance (generally unsettled for a long time) and in optimalising the operational processes of the company on practically all levels. After a tougher period during the fiscal years 2010-2012, Thibo is managing to rectify the financial situation of Mi Casa (both in terms of solvency and profitability) and to make it healthier than ever.

 - Mi Casa Selección. 
In order to be able to offer our vision of a house of quality to customers with a smaller budget, Thibo decides to launch a magnificient house in several versions under the name of Mi Casa Selección.

Kijkwoning Mi Casa 31

2014: The typical “Selección” house is built in Waregem and becomes the new show home.

 - The height of the beams can be increased from 135mm to 142,5mm thanks to an improved process of planing.
 - In order to strengthen the concept of Selección, another show house is built in Waregem, but this time it is located Industrielaan 10. 

Fot 0932

 - The height of the beam of 142.5mm can reach 151mm thanks to the significant improvement of the type of wood used which now allows to be shaped with an improved machine with double teeth and not with a single tooth anymore.
 - Mi Casa BVBA is being converted into Mi Casa NV, and Thibo Lidou is appointed CEO. Jean-Luc gets focused on the commercial aspects whereas Thibo on the operational and financial ones.
 - Mi Casa SAS, the Frech subsidiary, is being converted into Mi Casa SARL in order to be able to expand in France in the future.
 - Mi Casa is realising a first apartment building in Overijse.

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 - Mi Casa SARL is receiving all the necessary insurances (delivery guarantee and damage work) allowing the company to sign a CCMI (building contract for a single family home). From now on, every franchisee of France can also conclude a CCMI with their final client.
 - Steps are ongoing to develop the franchising process.
 - The reorganisation which took place during the last 2 years contributed to reach a good balance with the best ratios ever known since the start of Mi Casa. This situation allows the prices to be maintained in 2017.
 - An application for a permit to build is submitted for a new project of show house in Knokke. The future owner will realise all the possibilities offered by Mi Casa regarding architecture and interior design. Additional furniture will also be exhibited in that home scheduled to open around summer 2018.

Ag161002 E  Signed 1

 - In march, Mi Casa received teh CE-label for his solid wooden construction system "ETA 13/0284".
 - In april, a new 6-axis CNC machine was into operation. This excusive machine constitutes the final step of every operational improvement in terms of efficiency which were achieved over the last few years.