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Our future

Our future

With the arrival of the son, Thibo, the future is ensured. In this way, Mi Casa can go on with their company philosophy.

In spite of the decision to remain a mid-size building company – to make sure of the satisfaction of all the customers – Mi Casa wish to expand anyway. This growth can be made possible thanks to an increasing network of franchisees abroad who share the same vision of quality and service as Mi Casa. This system also allows clients abroad to enjoy Mi Casa quality.

Giving the opportunity to non-Mi Casa clients to have access to the furniture Division is also part of the ambition of the company. The new show house in Knokke, which will be inaugurated around summer 2018, should give the opportunity to realise this ambition.

Technical innovation

With more than 35 realisations in Belgium per year and some 45 collaborators, Mi Casa has become a key provider in the world of solid wood construction and turnkey houses.
We opt consciously for new improvements in efficiency which are not limited to pure and simple automations of the building process. The purpose of these improvements is to maintain the competitiveness and to improve the quality even further. Thus we shall keep investing in order to be able to realise the dream house of each and every of our customers.

 Our techniques of heating and ventilation combined with the great possibilities offered by solid wood regarding waterproofness and insulation are optimised too. In doing so, Mi Casa manages to stand clearly ahead with regard to existing standards.

Continuous efforts in R&D made by the Executive Director together with every person involved in the building process (from workers through employees to subcontractors and suppliers) contribute to getting a product which is always better, with an improved quality and more beautiful. That is how we always manage to guarantee an optimal price/performance ratio.

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The product of future for architects and builders

The use of laminated beams offers the architect a freedom almost unlimited for the construction of the house and for the choice of the internal finishes. The behaviour of our constructions is comparable to the behaviour of the houses of the traditional house construction. This opens perspectives to (interior) architects who are not yet familiarised with a solid wood construction. Since architects are exempted from taking particular precautions, they may dedicate more time to creative aspects of the house.

These new data can only delight the building contractor of today since he is more and more worried by esthetics and enjoyment of its house, besides energy-efficient and equipped with the latest technological discoveries. 

Mi Casa is very worried about a strict schedule for all the construction activities. The follow-up ensured by the architect and the building contractor is then limited. The building contractor and the architect have a single contact person within Mi Casa. The latter is supposed to answer all their questions. We can offer a quality guarantee for the whole construction site because we work exclusively with our staff or our official subcontractors. We work on the basis fo a fixed price « turnkey ». The customer knows all the prices in advance so that he never has to face an unpleasant surprise. The preparation of the specifications is getting easier and the invoice control is getting unnecessary. In brief, it becomes easier for an architect to propose Mi Casa as an elegant option of high quality to his customer, the building contractor


An environment-friendly house

Mi Casa is very concerned by wood, this wonderful natural resource. We think of the future of our planet while continuing to offer top-quality products in the areas of architecture, interior finish but also on the technical plan. Some environmental assets :
 - Energy consumption for wood transformation is very low.
 - During the logging of « Red Pines of Norway », Mi Casa always tries to plant an upper number of new trees. Only FSC-label wood is used .
 - In every possible way, the different parts of the wood shell are optimalised so as to reduce the loss of wood as much as possible. To begin with, the production of the laminated beams is so effective that there is no waste of wood between the supply of raw wood from Scandinavia and the end product – the laminated beams -. In this way, from a raw beam of 175mm, we can obtain a perfectly planed and smooth beam of 160mm of useful height.
 - Besides the minimising of losses during the beam production, the amount of waste is also reduced thanks to an advanced software during the production process. This software ensures that the amount of waste also produced during the cut and the works is restricted to the minimum until the individual house is finished. The small amount of wood which is inevitably lost is reused, for example, in the manufacturing of bioenergy or of pellets, plates, paper, …

Not only during the construction of your house but also when you live in, all the profits go to  environment. If you are fully respectful towards environment and if you wish to live in a passive house, you can also approach us to build your dream house.

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Development of an international network of franchisés

The construction of turnkey houses allows Mi Casa to continue its technological breakthroughs. We continue to innovate. Due to the increasing demand abroad, we are going to export beyond our borders the Mi Casa wooden kit. The first franchise contracts have already been signed in the Netherlands and in France. In order to guarantee the same superior quality in the construction of houses abroad, Mi Casa relies on local entrepreneurs who share our philosophy : 100% of customers fully satisfied, in the respect of standards and of local habits of course. In other words, our quality standards and our service are guaranteed. The staff of Mi Casa shares their experience, insures technical training and brings their support to the local entrepreneur so that he is able to continue his activities with absolute autonomy in the future