News - Solid wood constructions or timber frame constructions: what is the difference?
Solid wood constructions or timber frame constructions: what is the difference?

Solid wood constructions or timber frame constructions: what is the difference?

More and more families opt for a wooden house because of the esthetic added value, the comfort in this type of accommodation as well as the pleasant acoustics. Solid wood constructions are more concerned than others because advantages of timber frame constructions are much more limited. But what is the particular difference between these two building techniques? And why do people prefer solid wood constructions? 

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Solid wood constructions vs. timber frame constructions:

Regarding timber frame constructions, the house frame is made of wood with a wood panel or a plasterboard placed on both sides. And between both of them, an insulating material is added.  In fact, there is less wood inside the accommodation in itself. In solid wood constructions, the house is composed of solid timber beams even in internal walls. Rather than classical walls rapidly placed, solid wood walls are built. Timber beams are stacked on the construction site and in corners in order to get an integrated assembly. Solid wood constructions are thus almost similar to constructions built with traditional methods.

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Why does the consumer choose firstly massive wood constructions rather than timber frame constructions?

Building a solid wood construction offers numerous advantages. For example, it is twice faster than building a traditional house because no time is required for drying. In 4 to 6 months, your house is completely built up. But eventually, esthetic advantages make all the difference. Indeed, it is sure that a solid wood construction looks different, charming and exclusive. In one word, from now on, while staying at home, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a real holiday atmosphere.

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Warm atmosphere, unique style

A solid wood construction is a chance for your interior. Whatever your construction style is, the comfort of a solid wood construction will never be challenged by a classical house with brick-built walls and standard plasters. You can get a comfortable atmosphere and a warm interior with a few decorations and some integrated furniture. Besides, the timber beams which structure the ceiling are key elements of this comfortable atmosphere.

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Excellent acoustical properties

Experiencing acoustics is something particular in solid wood houses. Bricks echoe noises whereas wood keeps them down and alleviates. Where it stands out (in professional spaces for instance), internal walls can be equipped with extra soundproofing, which gives excellent results.  In addition, the structure of a solid wood house allows to place a concrete floating floor over the acoustical insulation at the upper floors. An excellent soundproofing is then insured between floors. 


Architectural freedom

Do you dream about an architectural jewel? Just like it is the case with traditional houses or with timber frame constructions, possibilities are also infinite with solid wood constructions. Windows, doors and skirting boards can be as high, wide and thick as you wish. Every small wooden slat and every detail is respected on the basis of a custom-made design according to your personal tastes. The aim is to get this unique touch which makes all the difference. One thing is for sure: a solid wood house becomes totally your home. 

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High comfort level and energy efficiency

Heat sensation is more important in a solid wood house than in a traditional house. Why? Because of the natural insulation. Solid wood constructions get a healthy internal climate. In the winter, you can take advantage of a pleasant sensation of heat whereas in the summer, your house remains incredibly cool. This phenomenon contributes to the improvement of your comfort and allows you to consume less energy in the mid-season. And this is not taken into account in the calculation of the E Level.


Furthermore, the solidity of solid wood constructions is ensured at all the places of the construction whereas it is not the case with timber frame constructions. It is convenient because you don’t need to plan any reinforcement in the construction for a closet or a heavy mirror, for instance. Another example : since the construction of the house is very similar to that of a traditional construction, there is no hollow spaces generally open to the vermin and which constitute an unbearable sound box.

Solid wood is also a humidity regulator. This advantage is interesting if you suffer from allergies, asthma or from rheumatism. Moreover, according to an old Chinese proverb “If you are sick and if the GP cannot help you, you should go and live in wooden house”. 

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Show Home in solid wood - exterior is a combination of brick and siding.
Show Home in solid wood - exterior is a combination of brick and siding.