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Our subcontractors

Some of our subcontractors are no longer content to work with customers, they have had the opportunity to build their house with us.
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2016 - Johan Vergote

For many years already, Johan is the official Mi Casa subcontractor for the preparation works of ground and foundations.
In spite of his background in concrete and bricks, he preferred to acquire for himself a solid wood Mi Casa house rather than a house made of stone.

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2015 - Willton

Wilton, our parqueteur, realised his Mi Casa house in 2015. The harmonious combination of colours gives an exclusive cachet to his home.

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2013 - Dominique Vanhout

He is a carpenter specialised in the placement of cladding wood and terraces. He realised his own house in Emelgem-Izegem. His house is part of a project of 4 semi-detached houses that Dominique wishes to build in the near future.

It is a very modern house, entirely covered with parget. It shows that Mi Casa can fit with every style.

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2013 - Gregory Bataille

Since the beginning of Mi Casa, roof works have carefully been made. Gregory, the son, goes ahead with his father’s activity. He realised his Mi Casa House in 2013.

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2013 - Luc Vandewalle

For many years, Luc has been the official supplier of metals of all kinds for Mi Casa.
He had always wished to build his Mi Casa house in the Ardennes. By chance, he found a nice piece of ground in Oizy and his dream became true. Even his children and grandchildren love spending time in that house.

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2013 - Hendrik Maes

During several years, Hendrik worked as an entrepreneur specialised in foundations. After an experience of a second residence built by Mi Casa in Barvaux where he spent the week ends, he wished to build another Mi Casa house.
And now, he is at rest and he can fully enjoy his Mi Casa house of rural style.

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2011 - Frederik Dekoninck

As an entrepreneur specialised in screed, he was already owner of a house and wished to have his interior decorated in the Mi Casa style. In cooperation with his interior architect he could arrange his interior where there is now a comfortable atmosphere.

In 2002 already, Fraderik had built a Mi Casa apartment on top of his workshops.

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2009 - Frans Populier

Entrepreneur specialised in the placement of floors – active with Mi Casa since 1995.

Today Frans slowly retires from business whereas his 2 sons carry on the business and take care of the floor finishing with an incredible passion for quality.

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2009 - Steven Verbeke

Plumber active with Mi Casa.
When it was time to realise his own house, he did not hesistate and opted for a Mi Casa house. It resulted in a children’s day nursery on the ground floor for his wife wheareas on the first floor it was a living place with a pleasant and warm atmosphere for the family.

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2008 - Hendrik Maes

He was an entrepreneur specialised in foundations.
For his holidays in Barvaux, he chose to build a second residence with Mi Casa. For Hendrik, it was important to favour a comfortable interior, a nice atmosphere and a good insulation in order to face cold in the Ardennes.

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2007 - Geert Dekoninck

While he was realising an apartment building in Lichtervelde, he had the idea of building a duplex with Mi Casa on the last floor. This dwelling, which was built rapidly,  is very nice and it has a living atmosphere.

2003 - Filip Deplancke

Filip is the Insurance agent of Mi Casa.

In 2002, Filip wished to have a house built in the South of Spain. And for this project, he wanted to find the Belgian quality and the typical holiday atmosphere of Mi Casa. In association with a local entrepreneur for the works of foundation, his house was built in a short time.